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Cozy greenery throughout the year

The Garden is an ideal place to create cozy, warm and unforgettable memories; Green aesthetics, natural plants and the best aura of the hall with a capacity of 120-140 people are only meant for creating the best memories and fabulous celebrations.

main hall

A space for a grand celebration

The main hall is the first and largest indoor space in Shuguli. The bright hall hosts up to 300 guests and serves to make an event of any setting or theme an ideal memory; The hall is an ideal space for grand events.

Panoramic hall

Unforgettable views

60 The panoramic guest room will captivate you from the moment you enter with a perfect view of the lake; The hall is a new addition to the middle of nowhere and is perfect for relatively small, fabulous celebrations.


The perfect space for your conference

This space in Shuguli hosts 50 guests for business meetings, be it a conference or an informative lecture.

Georgian room

Great celebration for small groups

The room, which was created on Georgian motifs, is an ideal place for tourists
for groups. Georgian table, decoration, fireplace and guitar are perfect
Creates coziness for a pleasant evening. best experience
which will unite 30 guests.

Pool area

Summer space for special events

The area around the pool is an ideal space for beautiful, harmonious summer celebrations. (space designed for 250 guests).


For modern entertainment

For a modern celebration, the lounge, designed for 30 guests, offers a calm atmosphere and maximum relaxation. Free arrangement, colorful lights and the best acoustics are prerequisites for an unforgettable celebration.